Beauty is quality, quality is beautiful

Not just design: since inception quality manufacture and use of the finest fabrics, since inception, have been the mark of distinction in collections branded Franco Ferraro. He has never forgotten his 1965 debut in Lanerie Agnona, well-known all over the world for its choice of absolute excellence in fabrics.


Our passion for beauty, fashion and taste are traits peculiar to us, our distinguishing mark


Our collections have reached the new markets of Japan, Middle East, Australia, and South Africa


Our image is our mirror and our mirror over the world. Our philosophy has always followed this imprint, making beauty our priority


Our company develops lines that are at once sober and innovative, resisting time and changing trends



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Following the years of invaluable experience with Lanerie Agnona, Franco Ferraro sets up his own company which he calls Child, an acronym of Chiara, Ilaria, Davide, his three children with whom he still works today. Business begins with his design for a youthful new line of womenswear for Givenchy and he also works on menswear for Christian Dior. Then he embarks on Franco Ferraro Donna and a few years later Franco Ferraro Uomo. Today this is a continuing story of creativity and success


The secret of Franco Ferraro’s success is his style. His creations are the forerunners of fashion trends without excess, marked by balance and harmony. His garments are timeless and over the course of time retain all their charm as well as all the prestige of the finest materials


Constant research for natural fabrics of the finest quality and new technological fibres, occasionally developed especially for his collections and yielding innovative performance, continue to be the distinctive mark of creations by Franco Ferraro, whose early experience with Lanerie Agnona has remained his strength


On leaving Agnona he sets up his company Child, creating lines of clothing which meet the taste of diverse nations.

Beauty has no boundaries and his collections reach the markets of Japan, Korea, the Middle East, the United States, Australia and South Africa. His secret is the use of fine fabrics in a kind of fashionwear that looks at once casual and elegant


There are thirty Franco Ferraro boutiques and shops in Japan and fifty-five in South Korea.
He works with the prestigious luxury monthly Gap Japan and writes for the well-known fashion daily Senken Shimbun.
Thanks to the success of the Franco Ferraro brand, a number of Japanese companies have turned to him as their preferred design consultant.
Furthermore, Franco Ferraro has consulted to the Toyobo fabric sector, the colossus of the Japanese fabric industry


In 1994 in Mexico City, Franco Ferraro received the international award “Design Europa”, worldwide recognition of great significance in which 20 European companies are awarded with distinction in design in differing fields (in Italy award winners have been Alessi and Luceplan).
Special honours for collaboration in the fabric and Fashion sector are awarded to him by Toyobo, the Japanese industrial giant in fabrics.
In 2012 Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Defence and Transport awarded Franco Ferraro with a commemorative plaque for the success of his creations for for their national airline


Franco Ferraro’s collections are very much at one with the world of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. When Franco Ferraro made his United States debut in the 80’s, the famous WWD, Women’s Wear Daily also known as the Bible of Fashion, defined his collections to be both “well-balanced and innovative”.
In Japan at the end of the 80’s, Franco Ferraro opened a chain of boutiques with a Japanese business partner and his logo became a status symbol.
In 2001 Franco Ferraro won the competition launched in Europe by Saudi Arabian Air Lines, well ahead of other well-known French and English designers and he developed and manufactured uniforms for the air and ground staff of this prestigious airline.
Ten years later, it is once again Franco Ferraro who beats international competition to create new uniforms for Egypt Air

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